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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  January 14, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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increase the number of places where your dog has to be on a leash. it's a plan that has dog owners howling. the story in a live report. >> good morning. it's a mild and moist morning with thick fog developing around the bay. i'll show you where your visibilities could be reduced greatly for the morning commute. >> there's definitely some thick fog across the bay bridge. a little fog here. traffic still friday light. >> good morning. 5:00 on this friday. thanks for starting your day with us. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. livermore police trying to unravel a murder mystery. two victims found shot to death inside a home in a quiet neighborhood. amy holyfield is live near the scene and, amy, detectives have been working all night on this. >> yeah. they just wrapped up, eric, just moments ago. inside this house they found the bodies of a man and a woman who had been shot to death. police won't say this is a murder/suicide or if they believe that it is. but they say they did find the
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gun inside the house and they didn't find any signs of a break-in. they tell me residents of livermore don't need to be concerned about a killer on the loose. >> the livermore police department was called out here about 7:15 for a suspicious death. once the officers arrived here, we found two of the residents at this home deceased. looks like a gunshot wound. >> police say three of their friends came by last night, the visit they come for every week, and they made the discovery. police have not released the victims' name yet. the last time there was a murder in livermore was october 2009. live in livermore, amy holyfield, abc 7 news. >> thanks a lot. two of three people arrested in connection with a string of home invasion robberies in oakland are expected to make their first court appearance today. the alameda county district
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attorney's office has charged three with a total of 132 counts. police say the three followed a pattern and that helped investigators determine how many homes they hit. >> they would take the victims between their vehicle and threshold of the front door into the home. from there they were violent. they were fast. they were intimidating. they took the property and then they exited. >> police believe marlborough and simmons are connected to 24 home invasion robberies near oakland diamond district for the last six months. >> 9-1-1 tapes were released about what happened on the day of the tucson arizona shootings. >> shooting at the safeway, a man with a semiautomatic weapon. >> that was the first word of the attack on congresswoman gabrielle giffords. now authorities have a new lead on jared loughner. a young man found a black bag while walking near loughner's
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home. the bag is similar to one loughner's father said he saw his son carrying the morning of the attack. the day also brought thousands on the streets of tucson to pay homage to the victims. it also brought joy over the giffords' encouraging progress. already she can dangle her legs off the side of the bed if she is propped up and she is keeping her eyes open for as long as 15 minutes at a time. >> community and religious leaders in san jose held a candlelight vigil for the victims. congressman michael honda was among dozens who attended at the unitarian church in downtown san jose. they expressed their condolences while advocating for understanding and toned down rhetoric. >> i ask you to pledge to carry yourself in a way that promotes
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communication and understanding and healing. pledge tonight to honor each other. >> the vigil was sponsored by the south bay afl-cio, the interface council on economics and justice and the san jose county democratic party. >> it's 5:04 now. dog owners across the bay area are likely to be unhappy with a report to be released today by the national park service. that report proposes a major crackdown on where on federal property you can take your dogs. abc 7's terry mcsweeney is live at san francisco's chrissy field. do we hear growling already? >> we are hearing growling already. dog owners are about to sic themselves on the authors of this 2400 page report. it's not even out yet. it's going to be released to the public today. it's restricting where their dogs can run free at east beach at chrissy field. right now dogs can run free.
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by next year they might have to be on a leash. the video, the national park service is barking up the wrong tree 100% of the way. there have been complaints from environmentalists that unleashed dogs have been trampling vegetation. if approved, leash only here at east beach at chrissy field. you can still run free with your dog closer to the golden gate bridge. it will be leashed only on a vast majority of ocean beach. no dogs at all at marin county. dog owners are barking. >> go after the people causing the problem. but what they're doing is they're taking this broad approach that every single dog owner is being punished now for the actions of very few. >> 2400 pages coming out today. this is not a done deal by any stretch of the imagination. right now there's a 90-day public input period. and the public input begins online today.
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public hearings begin in march. so as soon as this report is released to the public, you can check it out on we're gonna have all 2,400 pages there for you to look at and see exactly which areas are affected. live at chrissy field in san francisco, terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> we'll be following this one. terry, thanks. state lawmakers have a new plan to restore child care subsidies cut by governor schwarzenegger late last year. john perez will announce today they found a way to keep helping 55,000 low income families. they scraped together $60 million to fund through march then the program's funding will be fully restored in april under governor brown's proposed budget. supporters argue eliminating the subsidies will force many parents to quit their jobs and cost taxpayers more in welfare. >> dale steinberg has yanked the
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chairmanship of the city from a republican lawmaker who told reporters the state budget is the democratics' problem. they told report earth after republican members with governor brown on tuesday that no one in there is ready to support extra taxes. the budget is the democrats' problem and they own it. each member of the senate has the responsibility to address the challenges facing the state. >> 5:07. by friday, a lot of us feeling a little fog by but this morning? >> seeing fog, not just feeling foggy. here's mike now with a look at the forecast if you can see it. >> definitely a damp start this morning because of all the moisture in the ground that is being left in the air, also in the form of some fog. the thickest fog is along the coast and down into the monterey bay. that's where the dense fog advisory is and that's where you'll find widespread visibility less than a quarter of a mile. wes roads and fog just about everywhere else around the bay and may get isolated spots where
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it is below a quarter of a mile. i know it was that way a couple spots when i was coming in from the east bay this morning. by 10:00, that will start to lift. we should have some fairly bright skies this afternoon. sure hoping so. here's a look away from the coast. most of us well below the 10-mile threshold. as far as the temperatures, they're very mild. low to mid-50s. this afternoon we'll have 59 san francisco and 59 half moon bay. partly sunny skies but the rest of us in the low to mid-60s. around the monterey bay, we'll have a mostly sunny sky. we'll have mid to low 60s here and also inland. temperatures compared to 24 hours ago are anywhere from 2 degrees warmer in san jose in fremont to 10 in santa rosa. more fog tomorrow morning, to a lesser extent sunday. temperatures run in the low to mid-60s for highs and dry weather all seven days of your
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forecast. >> there were some fog advisories for almost all our bridges this morning but quite a few were cancelled 3:00 except for the bay bridge. although looking pretty clear interstate 80 in berkeley with this live shot. no trouble westbound out of fairfield, vallejo, and the maze. 680 walnut creek also looks friday light. southbound traffic there on the right as you make your way towards highway 24. across the san mateo bridge we go. traffic flowing well in both directions. the road work in hayward has been cleared right now. that north 880 connector to westbound 92 so that's all open. no delays in the south bay. there's an accident south 101, the capital expressway that may be on the shoulder. eric, kristen? >> frances, thank you very much. 5:09. >> still ahead, the bay area tenants who now have a lot more to worry about than pests infesting their home. >> the popular fisherman's wharf restaurant forced to close its
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doors over a waterfront nuisance. >> forget the check in the mail. why thousands of taxpayers will soon be waiting for the debit card in the mail.
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can i eat heart healthy without giving up taste? a man can only try... and try...and try. i heard eating wle grain oats can help lower my cholesterol. it's gonna be tough. my wife and i want to lowe our cholesterol, but finding healthy food that tastes good is torturous. your father is suffering. [ male announc ] honey nut cheerios tastes great and can help lower cholesterol. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld good morning. we begin your "moneyscope" report with a more optimistic outlook from chairman ben bernanke. he's now predicting the economy will grow as much as 4% this year but warned it will still take quite a long time to bring
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down unemployment. postal rates are going up this april but it will not cost you anymore to send a basic letter. the price for the extra ounce after the first ounce will rise from 17 cents to 20 cents. and k-mart is testing financial centers at stores and four markets. customers who do not have access to traditional banks can cash checks and pay bills there. the wal-mart has been doing this for years. that is your "moneyscope" report. i'm rob nelson. >> tenants of a low income residential hotel in oakland are being told they need to leave. the menlo hotel is infested with bed bugs and roaches. it has broken elevators and smoke alarms. residents, many mentally ill, say despite the circumstances they have nowhere else to go. >> the better of two evils. if you live indoors, you have a little music and you can make some food. or the other part of the evil is
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you can be outdoors. >> the hotel also has several lawsuits and code violation complaints against it. the property management company said the owners are planning to renovate or sell it. >> san mateo county officials are giving themselves good marks for their response to the san bruno disaster. a report obtained by the abc 7 news i-team said the incident was handled successfully. the exemployees was first reported as a plane crash. there was no water available from fire hydrants in the blast area and cellphone coverage at the scene was spotty. it recommends more training for the emergency operation staff, better communications among the various command posts and getting cellphone reception in the primary command center. >> a legendary all-woman crab and fish operation in san francisco has shut its doors and faces an uncertain future. the fish company has been on fisherman's wharf for 70 years. it's owned and operated by three
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generations of women but they say their business is on hold because of oil pollution cleanup being done by exxon mobile. >> we're getting ill on a daily basis. you're feeling the walls and the floors shaking like it's an earthquake. suddenly you can't have telephone conversations. i ended up in the ambulance one day being evaluated because they did a diesel release and i couldn't breathe. >> the port says the cleanup will take six to eight weeks. officials have no documented evidence of harm to the restaurant or its workers. >> the income tax refund check could soon be a thing of the past. the treasury department is launching a pilot program next week that would give the refund on a prepaid debit card. 600,000 low and moderate income taxpayers will be the test subjects. by sending refunds and direct deposit through debit card, they can save $40 million a year. >> san francisco landmark palace
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of fine arts opens to the public later this morning following a $21 million face lift. after seven years of work, renovation on the san francisco icon is complete. the may beck foundation and supporters raised most of the money for the restoration project. the treasured monument near bay and lion streets was built for the 1915 panama pacific exposition. it looks as fresh as it did 96 years ago with restoration of the domed roof, rotunda and lagoon. >> it sure does. i remember that lagoon was just spotless. >> yeah. how many times do you hear old jokes? >> old jokes from me all the time because all i know is old jokes! 5:16 now. let's look at the forecast. kind of murky. >> but looking forward to the spring-like temperatures coming our way. >> very spring-like this weekend. a little humid because of all the moisture in the ground. temperatures running above average. we should have plenty of
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sunshine to go around. unlike this morning. yeah, coming up on 5:17. southbound from emeryville. you can see the thicker fog off in the distance. expecting flight arrival delays into sfo today. as far as live doppler 7 hd, two-thirds of the state covered. pretty dry. sprinkles around crescent city. most of those are heading to the north and not going to cause us any problems. let's talk temperatures. very, very mild this morning. upper 40s for fairfield, antioch and livermore. everybody else when you step outside, low to mid-50s. around the monterey bay and inland we have mid to upper 40s, even 50 watsonville and the fog is thickest down here. visibility's less than a quarter of a mile. mild this afternoon with those sunny spots poking through the fog. we'll have more fog and mild lows again tonight and dry afternoons and even warmer weather for the middle parts of
5:18 am
next week. that's building upon these low to mid-60s where seeing in the south bay from 60 milpitas and 60 los gatos. on the peninsula, 59 millbrae from san mateo southward low 60s. the coast temperatures upper 50s for downtown but south san francisco about 60 degrees. through the north bay valleys, low to mid-60s for you. at your beaches, a little cloud cover hanging around in the upper 50s. richmond, hercules, 62. union city, hayward to fremont, the warm spot 62. low to mid-60s throughout the east bay valley. low to mid-60s around the monterey bay. inland we'll have mid-60s with gilroy and salinas about 65 degrees. tonight look for widespread fog once again. low to mid-40s our inland valleys and out to the coast. watching those stubborn areas of high pressure move farther to
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the north. that's why the dry pattern will hold through the weekend. this area of low pressure will sideswipe northern california but it really won't do much to our weather except maybe bring a few more clouds into the forecast for sunday. still looking at upper 50s to low 60s for highs then. then the low to mid-60s for monday, tuesday, wednesday and upper 50s to mid-60s for thursday. it is going to be dry, at least no rain all seven days of the forecast. have a great weekend. here's frances with a look at the bay bridge. >> that's where we'll find thick fog across the span. a new injury accident reported eastbound 80 pin noel valley road. crews en route right now. we'll head over to the other bay bridge, the golden gate bridge. actually this is 680 in walnut creek. so traffic here is flowing well still. there was an earlier stall reported in antioch but that quickly cleared. didn't cause any problems at all. let's check out the south bay
5:20 am
and show you the 280 and 17 interchange. you may find fog along the coast as mike mentioned but here the santa cruz mountains, highway 17 is looking good and those headlights are northbound 280. mass transit systems also reporting no delays right now. get traffic whenever you want it for your route by going to it's under the bay area traffic link. eric, kristen. >> thank you. 5:20's our time. >> the move to limit the governor's power to issue pardons. >> from brazil, a woman is almost swept away to her death by raging floodwaters. >> the pilot who delayed takeoff in a heart-felt act of compassion. nsnsnsnsnsnsnsnsnss
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oprah: all new -- had you been living a lie? mother of octuplets -- nadya suleman's desperate plea for help. the suze orman intervention. >> lie, lie, lie. we're here to help you, not to hurt you. oprah: the truth comes out. nenenenenenenenenenenenenenenene good morning.
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it's 5:22. a live look at conditions. this is 580 emeryville. traffic moving fine. we've got some clouds out there and some fog. mike is going to talk about when the fog might dissipate and if we're going to have warm temperatures. we are certainly are starting pretty warm. traffic, if there are any problems frances will let you know. >> a state lawmaker is introducing a constitutional amendment that would restrict the governor's power to grant pardons, prepreviouses or come mutations. the move after former governor schwarzenegger commuted nunez's prison sentence from 16 years to seven. schwarzenegger later apologized to the victim's family for not informing them first about his decision. the amendment by assemblyman allen monsieur of orange county would require the governor to give victims' families and the d.a.'s office 30 days notice. >> in brazil 476 reported dead
5:24 am
after heavy rains unleashed mudslides. swept away homes in the mountains north of rio de janeiro. survivors were left scrambling to help neighbors trapped. there were dramatic scenes when people used ropes to keep those in danger out of the rushing waters. hundreds of houses were turned inside out or washed away. >> so dangerous. >> a high level military commission is set to recommend the pentagon reverse its long standing policy barring women from combat, specifically the grant report recommends combat exclusion policies should be removed for a level playing field for service members but comparable arguments were made to respect to racial integration but were ultimately never born out. stars and stripes reports 114 women have been killed in iraq and 23 in afghanistan. a final report will be handed to
5:25 am
lawmakers in the spring. >> a southwest airlines pilot is being hailed for tremendous act of compassion. he delayed his plane so a passenger could make the flight and say good-bye to his dying grandson. the passenger mark dickenson arrived at the airport two hours before departure but lengthy check-in lines put his close to missing his flight. tsa agents would not rush him through even though he explained of predicament. the pilot learned of the situation and held that plane so he could make the flight. >> you know, i mean, it was sad. and i felt kind of anxious because i didn't know what would happen if i did miss the flight. i was so grateful, i really couldn't believe it. southwest said while holding a flight is not unusual procedure, the pilot did the right thing.
5:26 am
>> yeah, he did. that's a good story there. 5:25 now. next at 5:30, the death threat that may force a bay area lawmaker to consider more protection in the wake of the arizona shooting rampage. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live at chrissy field in sr. where a park service plan that would restrict the number of places where dogs can run free has dog owners chomping at the bit. story in a live report. >> how one woman's decision to turn around forced a bay area airport to evacuate hundreds of passengers. >> check out the temperatures. we're getting warmer today. so is most of the country but still warmer than they are except phoenix at 73. great lakes or new england, temperatures in the teens and 20s there and hit the 30s and 40s for everyone else east of the rockies. we'll have flight arrival delays into sfo. right now flight departure delays outs of new i have fallen in love with making bird houses. caw caw!
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>> live in the news room, delegate threats are grab being the attention of detectives in the tucson arizona shooting massacre why verse called up state senator leland yee. >> dog owners are up in arms over a plan that would restrict the number of places their dogs could run free. dogs would be even banned at one local beach. i'll tell you about it in a live report. >> southbound from emeryville. you see the low clouds, the fog that's hanging around. it is going to be moist this morning but i do promise you some sunshine and warmer than average weather this weekend and into next week. >> and there's still a thick fog advisory through the bay bridge but no delays at all. there is an injury accident that's been reported eastbound
5:30 am
80 near pinole valley road. >> 5:29 this friday. thanks for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. topping our news, a state senator from san francisco may have to ask for extra body guards because he's been getting death threats. detectives investigating the tucson shooting spree turned up that frightening information. abc 7's jenelle wang has our story live from the news room. >> eric, a staffer for state senator leland yee said he was contacted by a detective from arizona earlier this week. the detective wanted to know about the death threats the straight senator received last spring when he spoke up about the fees and perks that administrators agreed to give sarah palin to speak at a university fund-raiser. even though there are some rough similarities to the threatening notes in the tucson case, it doesn't believe the two are connected. >> shooting at the safeway, a
5:31 am
man with a semiautomatic weapon. >> meanwhile newly released 9-1-1 calls of last saturday's shooting and today in arizona another victim will be remembered, u.s. district court judge john roll. yesterday services were held for the youngest victim, christina green. six were killed and 13 wounded last saturday. congresswoman gabrielle giffords was at the meet and greet. her recovery is a miracle. she sat up in bed. >> gabrielle, lift your legs up and she'll lift both up. >> and doctors say today giffords could be out of bed sitting in a chair. meanwhile a possible break in the case, a young man walking by the suspected gunman jared loughner's home found a black bag inside ammunition and some items from what appeared to have come from a local wal-mart store. on the morning of saturday's
5:32 am
shooting, jared loughner went to a wal-mart twice and his father saw him running into the desert with a black bag. police say this could be the critical evidence they've been looking for. that's the latest here reporting live in the news room, jenelle wang, abc 7 news. >> thank you. homicide detectives have spent all night at a home investigating the discovery of two bodies. investigators say the body of a man and a woman were found inside shot to death. police found a gun inside the home and said there were no signs of a break-in. san francisco police have two men in custody and looking for a third. the suspects abandoned their vehicle on the freeway. residents reported a suspicious vehicle and a possible kidnapping. three men in a white van sped away when officers arrived. the pursuit got on northbound 101 just before the boulevard
5:33 am
exit, got out and ran toward bay shore boulevard. two of the men were captured, a third suspect is still on the loose. there's been no word of any kidnap victims. >> things are back to norm at san jose international airport following a security breach. it happened 8:30 last night. a woman waiting for the flight left the secure area then returned without being rescreened. security officials made everybody leave concourse b so they could be rescreened. this is a look at the crowd from a photo posted on twitter. hundreds of passengers were stranded for two hours and at least eight southwest airlines flights were delayed. one was cancelled. the woman was cited and released an a misdemeanor charge of violating an airport security checkpoint. >> dog owners are up in arms over a plan that will reduce the places their dogs could roam freely at their favorite national parks. terry mcsweeney is live at chrissy field with the canine controversy. >> this is one of the areas
5:34 am
impacted. this is east beach at chrissy field and right now dogs can run free, no leash right here. if the plan's approved, come next year, the owners would have to have the dogs on a leash. dog owners upset. not everyone is. take a look at pictures that may be recording something you may not see next year and that's dogs running free on the east beach. if approved, the leash law would have dogs on leashes. you can still run your dog free over closer to the golden gate bridge. the law would also impact a vast majority of ocean beach where leashes would be required. no dogs at all in marin county. that's a big one. the debate is underway. here's what they're saying. >> why is the need to get rid -- the dogs have been here for decades. >> we've had reports of families of that been picnicking and dogs have come right through their
5:35 am
picnic blanket. >> there's more than that. national park is saying there have been complaints about environmentalists about unleashed dogs disturbing protected species. this is not a done deal. it's going to take a while for anybody to read this report. it's 2,400 pages long. public input begins today online. the hearings are going to begin in march. if you would like to take a look at this 2,400 page report, go to we're putting it up there as soon as it becomes released to the public. a lot of dog owners are upset about it just hearing the outline of what it contains. terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> terry, thank you very much. it's 5:35. some san francisco parents are demanding to know how their children ended up eating rat poison. it happened at martin luther king jr. academy yesterday. family members say the students
5:36 am
found unmarked pellets contains the poison on top of a classroom cabinet. the youngsters apparently thought it was candy. paramedics rushed seven students to the hospital for observation. >> they say it's not toxic to people. >> then why are they in the hospital, you know? so, i mean, if it's not poison, let's bring it out here and let's have some, you know. >> there are no reports of the kids showing any ill effects. after the incident, school staffers scoured the campus, found more poison pellets and immediately removed them. >> u.s. berkeley is set to lay off 150 employees because of state budget cuts. most of the work he recalls will be let go by june. some have already been notified. another 130 jobs will be eliminated through retirement and voluntary departures. officials say no faculty positions will be cut. about a quarter of the jobs targeted have salaries of $100,000 or more. the cuts are expected to save
5:37 am
the university about $20 million. >> 5:36. time for a look at the weather forecast. what happened to the embarcadero? you can see. >> clearing up. >> at least here, mike. >> that's one of the reasons there's not a widespread dense fog advisory. the fog is on the move. you can see it's flying across right in front of you. it's thickest along the coast. things will start really improving after the 10:00 hour. here's a look what happened last night while you were sleeping. high pressure taking over. stagnant air, all the moisture in the ground that's creating the fog this morning. your dense fog advisory in the areas in purple. it is thickest now around the monterey bay with visibilities less than a quarter mile santa cruz, watsonville and also monterey. temperatures very mild under this blanket of fog where we have two and a half miles in santa rosa and fairfield. temperatures mainly low to mid-50s. we'll drop into the upper 40s to
5:38 am
low 50s by 8:00. by noon we start to see some sunshine. by 4:00 we'll go with a partly sunny sky and temperatures that will be running in the upper 50s to low 60s. the upper 50s being san francisco and half moon bay. low to mid-60s for the rest of us. 7-day forecast, look for more fog tonight and to a lesser extent tomorrow night. look at afternoon temperatures hitting the low to mid-60s monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday. >> good morning, mike. there were two separate accidents on eastbound 80 near pinole valley road. it's been cleared and traffic flowing well in both directions. we see a lot of friday light traffic all along the bay area and a live shot of the bay bridge. so there was some very thick fog early this morning but the fog advisory has been cancelled, although you might find pockets of it into san francisco as you notice the embarcadero shot looked a little clearer as well.
5:39 am
eric, kristen. >> all right, thank you, frances. it's 5:38. >> still ahead, going one-on-one. east bay religious leaders launch a major new effort to keep kids away from crime. >> surfing fans will find it a lot more difficult to3q
5:40 am
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>> it's 5:41. fans of big wave surfing will find it harder to get a look at half moon bay. the group organizing the events made it official announcing spectators won't crowd the beaches as they've done in previous years. last year 13 spectators were injured when a wave crashed into a crowded viewing spot set up on the beach. organizers say the best way to watch the event is live streaming on the internet. >> religious leaders and youth groups in richmond have kicked off a new program designed to help keep kids in school and away from crime by establishing relationships with mentors. >> almost a quarter of students in the west contra costa unified school district drop out.
5:43 am
>> this was the vision at the bethlehem missionary baptist church to recruit mentors for youngsters in richmond. it's part of a larger program to stem the cycle of violence in the city. tonight's kickoff was meant to coincide with events around martin luther king day. eight-year-old jason hill memorized the inspirational speech. >> i have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. >> the biggest part we can have and share with the youth is to genuinely, genuinely give 'em our heart. >> having a mentor will show us to be better young ladies and better in school and having somebody to come to to talk to. >> my mentors always let me know i can depend on them. >> we honor the dream of dr.
5:44 am
martin luther king jr. we connect vision filling young people with dream-filled adults. >> plenty of dream-filled mentors stood up to volunteer and filled out commitment cards. >> if you're unemployed, there may be a way you can get a free cellphone. >> postal rates are going up but it may not be such bad news for everybody. >> plus the san francisco giants may be going from underdogs to tv stars. >> and what's your sign? why a group of
5:45 am
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welcome back. 5:47. time for your california forecast. looking along the coast, some clouds today, eureka, 59. big sur 61. through the central valley, fog in fresno, 54. chico will see sunshine. look at l.a., 80 today followed by palm springs at 74. san diego at 61 and let's take you up to the sierra where we have a little snow and rain for sunday. otherwise fog will be a problem
5:48 am
around tahoe tomorrow and yosemite temperatures the upper 50s to near 60. here's kristen and eric. >> 5:47. >> a look at the stories we're following this morning. livermore police are investigating two shooting deaths in the city. two bodies were found inside a home on canterbury avenue with a gun inside. police say there were no signs of forced entry. >> things are back to normal now at san jose international airport but there was a security breach last night. hundreds of passengers were evacuated from concourse b and required to be rescreened after a woman waiting for the flight returned without going through security. she was cited on violating airport security checkpoints. >> detectives investigating the shooting of gabrielle giffords are talking to state senator leland yee. he also received death threats for cite sizing sarah palin. no word if there's a link. the latest coming up for you at 6:00. >> postage rates are going up
5:49 am
but most people won't feel the pinch. rates will go up in april but the cost of sending the basic letter will remain the same, 44 cents. that price will remain unchanged but heavier letters will now cost more. after the first ounce, each additional ounce will cost another 20 cents. that's up from 17. there will be increases in the price of other mail including periodicals, international letters, parcels and advertising mail. >> it's even tougher to get into stanford, not because the school is upping its already high stts but because so many students are trying to get in. it has a record number of applications. some 34,200 students, that's 7% more than last year and of that number how many will be admitted? between 23 and 2400. >> a new look now at one of atlanta's premier residents, a zoo resident that is.
5:50 am
a giant panda cub looks to be doing quite well. they're giving it weekly checks and always, as it should be, the cub is cute and cuddly and doing all the things a baby panda should be doing. looking good but a lot of sleeping and eating, too. you can see a lot more of the panda coming up at 7:00 on "good morning america." an opportunity for people to get up close and personal. maybe hold it, take a picture with it? >> you wanna do that? >> yes! >> okay. >> hold me. >> oh, that's so nice. >> take him out in the snow to play. >> ohhhhhhh! all right. no snow up in tahoe today. but we hope to get some this weekend? >> i think so. especially the highest elevations. at lake level it could be rain. warm system that's coming through. let's talk about what's going on back here at home. we have clouds and a whole lot of them and some very low causing reduced visibilities but
5:51 am
they're moving. because they're not stagnant except along the coast, we don't have a dense fog advisory and that's until 9:00. all quiet. no radar returns. thickest fog away from the coast. santa rosa, fairfield a quarter mile. napa about a half a mile. as far as our temperatures, they are very mild. now we have santa rosa, napa and antioch in the upper 40s. fairfield about 42 degrees and low to mid-50s for the rest of us. around the monterey bay where we have kwaef temperatures mid to 40s. sunny spots developing this afternoon. more fog and mild lows again tonight and dry afternoons. all seven days of the forecast it could be even warmer next week than this weekend. this isn't too bad. temperatures above average, low to mid-60s. we're going to be from 2 to 6
5:52 am
dez warmer than average today. low to mid-60s along the east bay shore. 63 the warm spot. 63 los gatos. the warm spot in the south bay with low 60s for everybody else. 59 millbrae, 60 san mateo all the way to 62 in palo alto. so pretty nice on the peninsula. upper 50s along of the coast today. near 60 downtown and south san francisco. same thing for sausalito. low to mid-60s through the north bay valleys. upper 50s at your beaches. even with the stubborn fog, low to mid-60s the monterey bay and mid 60s inland. around the state we're looking as we talked about temperatures very nice, especially around l.a. where it's near 80 just about the entire weekend. tonight fog, low clouds, low to mid to upper 40s. high pressure. three areas dominating the weather pattern over the west coast keeping the jet stream
5:53 am
well up to the north. that's why we don't have any rain in the forecast for the next seven days and highs in the low to mid-60s. here's frances. >> technically there is still a fog advisory posted for the bay bridge. with this live shot of the suspension span, you see it's cleared up within the past hour. no problems getting into san francisco. we'll show you the other ends of the bridge from our emeryville camera. so it's clear and delay-free as you make your way eastbound or westbound across the span. we'll check out 101 in millbrae on the peninsula. a few early morning accidents but none ever caused delays. headlights moving northbound heading to sfo but check your flight if you're headed towards sfo. the south bay check out the 101 and 880 interchange. headlights are northbound 101 and traffic moving well out of morgan hill. get the latest traffic conditions for your route by going to our website just click on the bay area traffic link anytime.
5:54 am
>> can't get enough of the san francisco giants? maybe you can tune into showtime. the cable network is in talks to do a series of documentstries. entertainment weekly said it's similar to the series hard knocks. they attached mike tollland to produce. if the show happens, expect to see a lot of brian wilson, aubrey huff and tim lincecum. the more colorful characters. >> he always looks like a teenager. >> lincecum? >> oh, yeah. >> i know. >> it's 5:54 now. the way to get a free cellphone all making business headlines this morning. >> here's jane king with the "moneyscope" report. >> good morning. groupon may go public. seriously considering an initial public stock option by mid year. last month they turned down a buyout offer from google.
5:55 am
bad news from ford, salaried workers, they won't get raises this year. ford's salaries are already as employees at other large companies are getting. it's davey jones locker for anchor blue. the team retailer filing for bankruptcy selling off inventory and shutting all its stores according to the los angeles times. you can find details about the going out of business sales. if you don't have a job, you may be eligible for government help to hang on to your cellphone. assurance wireless reports it's seeing an explosion in signups for its government-subsidized free phones. i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report. >> golden gate bridge officials are deciding whether to appeal a federal court ruling allowing small protests to take place on the span. a federal judge rules the bridge district violated rights by
5:56 am
making small groups get permits. the religion district argued the protest distracted drivers and caused a nuisance. >> many people interested in astrology may soon be going through an identity crisis this morning because the minnesota planetarium is suggesting there should be a 13th zodiac sign added to the charts. it's the constellation ophiuchus. it sits between scorpious and sagittarius and is caution quite a stir. officials say it's always been there so nothing has changed. but astrologers and psychics say if they want to add a 13th sign, they may have to remap the way they do astrology. they say ophiuchus represents wisdom, healing and architecture. you may have to check again when somebody asks what's your sign? ophiuchus. >> well, you don't have 13
5:57 am
months, i think 13 signs is rather confusing. >> yes, it is. >> 5:56. ahead at 6:00, a place where living isn't easy. >> this here is a bed bug. >> the bay area tenants who now have a lot more to worry about than pests. >> friends visiting an elderly couple in livermore make a terrible discovery. i'm amy holyfield. i'll have the story coming up. [ ma announcer ] 95% of all americans aren't getting enough whole grain. but actually, it's easier than you think,
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